VCD Krishna – Die Kindheitsspiele Krishnas

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Der erste 3D-animierte Film über die Kindheitsspiele von Krishna aus Indien
Für Kinder und ‚erwachsene‘ Kinder,
100 Minuten, 2 VCD – Video-CD, 56 g
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Speziell für Kinder und ‚erwachsene‘ Kinder zeigt dieser Film die Kindheitsspiele von Krishna, von seiner Geburt bis zum Sieg über Kamsa, dem bösartigen Herrscher über Mathura.

Die Kindheitsspiele beinhalten die zahlreichen Abenteuer Krishnas, wie z.B. die Konfrontation mit der Hexen-Dämonin Putana oder dem Wirbelwind-Dämon Trinavarta. Auch sind die diversen Streiche von Krishna enthalten, wie z.B. das Stehlen von Butter. Aber auch das berühmte Flötenspiel Krishnas und das Tanzen mit den Gopis (rasa-lila) fehlen nicht.

KRISHNA`, a richly animated, musical feature film tells the story of Lord Krishna`s birth, his childhood spent in Vrindavan and his slaying of Kansa, the evil ruler of Mathura. The film features various adventures of his childhood, including his clashes with demons like Pootna, Trinavarat and many more. This animated feature also brings to life Lord Krishna`s naughty aspects like stealing butter, and other adventures.
Another enchanting aspect of Lord Krishna`s life of playing the flute and bewitching the gopis, who become eternally devoted to him and indulge in Ras Leela, is beautifullly depicted in this entertaining feature. Lord Krishna, as a very young man returns to Mathura and finally overthrows his evil uncle Kansa, thus bringing to an end this fascinating story of his birth and childhood days.
Over centuries Lord Krishna`s life stories have entertained and inspired several generations of children and grown-ups. His life story is a great source of inspiration and shall entertain, inspire and excite everyone, everywhere, every time.
The Music
The film features melodious music and songs composed by Rajendra Shiv. The soundtrack of the film features leading singers of the industry like Kailash Kher, Sonu Nigam, Sukhwinder Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan, Alisha Chinai and Kumar Sanu. The haunting compositions have an everlasting flavour and shall definitely appeal to all. The background score by Bapi-Tutul lifts the scale of the film further, thus enhancing the viewing pleasure. All in all, the music of ‘Krishna’ is one to stay in the minds of listeners for years to come.

’Krishna’ a highly colorful and entertaining feature film, is sure to appeal to everyone alike.