Shiv Mahapuran (12 DVD Set)

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by Gushan Kumar
12 DVD, 58 Episoden, 911 g
Sprache: Hindi
Untertitel: Englisch


Shiva is the Lord of Lords
The Greatest of all gods

He is Omnipresent
He is Omnipotent
He is Omniscinet

On his command, The universe is born & Destroyed in each cycle of time

If pleased he bestows Ample Happiness Upon his Bhaktas & takes all their Sufferings away.
The sacred flame of Lord Sadashiva enlightens its bhaktas on the path of Moksha with the reverberating sound of the chants of Om Namah Shivay.

Shri Gulshan ji, A pious man for whom religion has always been a way of life. A staunch Shiv Bhakta it was his initiation that saw the creation of Shiv Mahapuran epic on screen.

Through this 12 DVD set we have carried the rich legacy of bringing to the common man the true Mythological heritage of our land through our presentations at affordable prices.

This effort is a continuation of the endeavor which was hope would be a treat for all shiv bhaktas & a great learning experience for generations to follow.