The Laws of Manu

CHF 19.90

Antiquariat: gebraucht, guter Zustand
The Sacred Books of the East, Volume 25
Übers. in Englisch von George Bühler
ISBN  81-208-0126-1
Verlag: Motilal Banarsidass, 1993
Nachdruck der Ausgabe / Reprint of the edition London 1886
620 Seiten, fester Umschlag (Hardcover), 911 g


Manu is considered to be the founder of social and moral order, inventor of sacrificial rites and the author of legal maxims. In the present work, The Laws of Manu as found in the famous Manusmrti, have been fully translated. These laws state good and bad casualities of human actions, according to Aryannorms and lay down immemorial rules of conduct to be followed by the four castes. It includes the precepts for the duties of kings and the administration of justice, which form the basis of Hindu law.